Saman Barghi Saman Barghi is currently a Software Engineer at Twitter working with the platform team.

He got his PhD from University of Waterloo and was researching on concurrent and parallel programming models, specially for highly scalable network servers. He is trying to find a sweet spot between thread-based programming model and event-driven model; this model will use various hardware characteristics and stage driven model to provide an scalable alternative to current available models. Currently, he is developing a user thread library in C++ that supports x86_64 machines and can provide a M:N threading model on Linux.

He is also a full stack developer, interested in learning new technologies, and apply them to create interesting products. He believe that learning any new technology should not take more than a month to master, and believes investing time in choosing the right tools and come up with a good design in the beginning will translate to saving time in the future; if one do not get stuck in that process forever.

He is a calisthenics addict and dedicates some time in his schedule to build strength and reach his goals. He believes a healthy diet and following a workout routine to reach predefined goals will translate to developing strength, increasing health and energy and helping you stay sharp and focused. He is also and adventurer, love outdoors and nature.

Saman is always have a book close by, and is interested in subjects such as behavioural economics, business building, personal growth, how brain works and human interactions. He believes that not also gathering knowledge is essential to change your point of view towards the world around you and to shine some light on the dark corners of your mind, but also using his knowledge in day to day life towards creating a better environment for himself and other human beings is what should result from that knowledge. He is also interested in reading fiction, and believes a good fiction will make the reader think, and make him live the life of others and spend moments in their shoes, and will result in personal growth.

He is also play the guitar and paints with acrylic in his free time. He believes in building a skill set in one dimension (Computer Science), and occasionally touching other dimensions, specially art, to be able to view the world through that window. He always tries to keep an open mind regarding the subjects around him, and reevaluate his believes and ideas frequently.